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Water, Sewer, Trash - a must!

Don't forget to turn on the water, sewer and trash for your new home.  This is taken care of by your local city municipal office normally.  If you're on a County Island or unincorporated part of the county, then it may be different than your local municipality.

You will usually need to provide the following information;

  • Primary customer name, social security number, service address, mailing address

  • Additional contact name and social security number (some municipalities)

  • Landlord name, address and phone (if leasing) and a signed lease/rental agreement - if you're going to be a tenant.

Here go the major cities and their municipality links.

City of Scottsdale

Town of Paradise Valley

Garbage Recycling

Water Provider

City of Phoenix

City of Mesa

City of Tempe

City of Gilbert

City of Chandler

City of Glendale

Google your city name and find your local municipality if you're city is not listed above.  

City Services: Products
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