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Where the heck is North Central Phoenix anyway?

I always hear about "I live in North Central Phoenix". You may ask "Where exactly is No Central Phx exactly?" Well let me tell you!

North Central Phoenix is a geographic area that extends from Northern Avenue south to Camelback Road, SR-51 west to I-17. "North Central" isn't a neighborhood either but a mix of neighborhoods that encompass a part of Phoenix.

North Central Phoenix real estate is a mix or condo's, townhomes, single family ranches all the way to upscale mansions. Historically, the power brokers or Phoenix lived in North Central Phoenix along Central Avenue. Huge ranches on large irrigated lots with mature landscaping, citrus trees and eucalyptus trees are the common theme of home ownership in North Central Phoenix.

North Central offers the ease of convenience due to it's location to everything that Phoenix has to offer. Central avenue is exactly that, the center part of Phoenix. Drive 10 minutes to downtown phoenix and you can take advantage of everything a bustling downtown has to offer; great restaurants, nighlife, professional sports and quaint coffee shops. You can drive 15 minutes to the West Valley to watch the Phoenix Cardinals, drive 5 minutes to great hiking at Piestewa Peak or drive 15 minutes to Old Town Scottsdale for the clubs. North Central is also convenient for anyone who works in the middle of the city.

North Central Phoenix's biggest attraction is the historic Murphy Bridle Path on both sides of Central Avenue. Shady Elm and Olive trees line this main drag flaunting unpaved gravel paths. Every Sat and Sunday morning you'll see Phoenicians going for a job or a walk on this path

The Central Corridor has its own mix of architecture ranging from traditional French Provincial, Cape Cod, mid-century and sprawling Ranch-styled homes. Over the past few years, contemporary architecture has sprouted up and blends with their older neighborhoods. Home owners love the fact that you can have such unique neighborhoods in such a part of Phoenix.

25 years ago, North Central Phoenix was not a hot area. With urban sprawl, the neighborhoods lost their appeal and home owners were moving to Chandler, Gilbert and the other parts of town with new homes and master planned communities.

But, about 15 years ago, things started to change! Like most of the US you had the Urbanization of Phoenix. First, the hipsters and more edgy home dwellers moved back to North Central Phoenix. They bought the older homes, remodeled them and then enjoyed the charm for a couple of years before selling them for a profit. Back then, you could pick up a rancher in No Central Phoenix for $100,000! Before long, you had yuppies moving back to No Central Phoenix and it soon became THE place to move to.

While the real estate market collapsed in 2009 and the home values in No Central Phx also collapsed, the trend to moving closer to North Central Phoenix didn't stop. As North Central Phoenix real estate appreciated, the adjacent parts became the next place to move to. Midtown Phoenix and then Downtown Phoenix started to get the needed investment.

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